Democratic House minority leader and gubernatorial candidate Jim Ward scolded new Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer for daring to bring up “the most divisive issue” in Colyer’s first major policy address.

State Senator David Haley, a Kansas City Democrat, was not too keen on Colyer’s choice of topics either. “I believe the majority of Kansans believe in women’s opportunities to make independent decisions unfettered by governmental intervention,” said Haley, who also danced around the word “abortion.”

New Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer dared to equate abortion and slavery and still has his job.

Colyer did no dancing. “Kansas was founded on the idea that all people have value. EVERYONE has a God-given right to life and liberty,” said Colyer emphatically.

“As a doctor,” Colyer continued, “I’ve seen newborn babies, who no one gave a chance, thrive. I’ve seen mothers frightened by a scary ultrasound, only to rejoice at their child’s wedding 20 years later.”

Colyer dared to make the “divisive” equation between abortion and slavery that often sends “outraged” Democrats rushing to the microphone. “When Kansas first entered the Union,” said Colyer, “two of our first laws emphasized basic human dignity. As a free state, Kansas prohibited slavery. The same Founders–whose names appear on these walls–passed laws prohibiting abortion. That same constitution that prohibited slavery did NOT mention a RIGHT to an abortion. Yet, a Kansas Court issued a ruling which argues the framers of the Kansas constitution imagined abortion as a separate constitutional right.”

Colyer was referring to a trial court decision which holds that the state constitution allows abortion providers to operate independently of the U.S. Constitution. That case is now before the Kansas Supreme Court. If the lower court’s decision is allowed to stand, state courts would be able to strike down restrictions permitted by federal courts.

“This is violence against basic facts,” said Colyer of that court decision. “This cannot stand. We are a pro-life state. On the issue of life, the stakes are SO high, the issue is SO foundational, the people of Kansas MUST have the final say.”

Haley deceives himself into thinking that the majority of Kansans thinks as he does about abortion. This is not the same state that elected Graves and Sebelius governor. Yes, Kansas women do want the opportunity to make “independent decisions unfettered by governmental intervention,” but the unfettered opportunity that many women yearn for, regardless of how “divisive” the opportunity may seem, is to send their kids to a decent school.

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