A candidate who “strongly” supports a woman’s right to choose and “strongly” opposes the Hyde Amendment draws no lines anywhere.

Democratic congressional candidate James Thompson has asked a Wichita television station to pull an ad from the National Republican Congressional Committee that attacks his position on abortion. Thompson is running against Republican Ron Estes to replace Mike Pompeo, now head of the CIA, in Kansas’s Fourth Congressional District.

The ad claims that Thompson supports sex-selective abortions and the use of tax dollars to pay for late-term abortions. Thompson campaign manager Colin Curtis claims the ad is “outright false.”

Curtis seems to have a case in that Thompson has not specifically said he favors either of those positions. From what Thompson has said on abortion, however, it is an entirely reasonable inference that he would favor both positions.

Ironically, it was one of Thompson’s supporters, Russell Arben Fox, who smoked out Thompson’s stance on abortion, his website being conspicuously silent. Fox moderated a debate at Friends University. According to Fox, Thompson “strongly defended, as he put it, ‘a woman’s right to choose.'” (italics added)

Fox followed that question by asking Thompson “whether he would support an effort in Congress to challenge the Hyde Amendment,”  a legislative provision that bars the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion. Said Fox of Thompson, “He said he would strongly consider supporting just such a hypothetical effort.” (italics added)

Fox considers the NRCC ad an “inflammatory last-minute bit of agitprop.” To prove its falseness, all Thompson needs to do is go on record saying he would hope to outlaw late term and sex-selective abortions.

This would prove, however, an awkward position for a man who “strongly defended” a woman’s right to choose and attacked the Hyde Amendment. By no known logic could Thompson deny that woman her “choice” to either abort a baby at the time of her choosing or because she wanted a boy and not a girl.

Then too, for all those years that George Tiller was running the most prolific late term abortion mill in the western world right in Thompson’s backyard, one is hard pressed to recall a single Democrat anywhere registering an objection, let alone Paul Thompson.

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