On Wednesday in Wichita, prosecutors filed first-degree murder charges against a mother and the inevitable boyfriend in the death of the mother’s 2-year-old child, Anthony Bunn.

Police found Anthony unconscious at his home on Friday with severe injuries to his head and face. He died Sunday in a hospital. The Wichita Eagle story by Tim Potter was headlined, “System failed latest Wichita child to die from alleged abuse, attorney argues.”

Ah yes, the system.  The attorney representing Anthony’s maternal grandparents, Shayla Johnston, argued in a court document filed over the weekend that Anthony was victim of “known physical abuse in October 2017” and that the system was guilty of “mishandling” the case. The Kansas Department for Children and Families confirmed that it had conducted a joint child abuse investigation with local law enforcement in October 2017. Said a spokesperson, “Staff are reviewing this case to determine whether personnel, policy or procedure changes are necessary to prevent further tragedies from occurring.”

Curiously, the attorney Johnston is the aunt of Evan Brewer, a 3-year-old whose body the “mother and her boyfriend” encased in concrete after they killed him this past September.  Writes Potter, “Johnston has said that the child protection system failed Evan as well.”

The “system” that is failing these children is not the DCF or local law enforcement. The “system” at fault is the larger liberal order that has deemed marriage irrelevant, if not obsolete. In this worldview, there is no shame for young mothers hooking up with random guys, even those guys indifferent to the well being of the mother’s child.

Zak Woolheater, Anthony’s maternal grandfather, has a better feel for the problem than Johnston. “We just need to focus on getting justice for that and an end to this epidemic — that is my biggest concern right now,” said Wollheater.

He continued, “I know justice will be served in some way for Tony, but I need everybody to know that you need to talk to everybody you know and get them onboard now. This is something that needs to stop now.”

To blame the DCF for failing to save every child is like blaming a doctor for failing to save every child during a Cholera epidemic. The real problem is not DCF or the doctor. The real problem is the epidemic. If the grandfather is prepared to talk about it, the media still are not.

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