Sunday, October 22, 2017

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    Beware of Polls on KCI, Trump-Bashing Philly “Top Operative” Knows How to Use Them

    To help sell the new single terminal at KCI, the City of Kansas City has turned to the Chicago-based Dover Strategy Group, in particular a "top operative" from Philadelphia named Mark Nevins. Nevins knows...

    Star Editorial Board Suffers School Funding Whiplash

    Remaining, regular readers of the Kansas City Star can be excused for their confusion over how Star editorial writers think Kansas should fund its public schools. Judging from a recent editorial, the editorial board members...

    Kiplinger Moves Kansas from “Mixed Tax Friendly” to “Not Tax Friendly”

    A business forecasting and financial advice periodical compares tax rates and rules of the 50 states each year. In 2016, the magazine labeled Kansas "mixed tax friendly." Kiplinger downgraded Kansas's label to "not tax...

    Least Republican-Republican Cans Kansas in WaPo

    The Washington Post found a Republican to trash tax cuts. In a recent column, Kansas State Sen. Dinah Sykes bashes tax cuts. Sykes, known locally as the Senator most likely to burst into tears...

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