Saturday, February 17, 2018

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    Mueller Indicts Group Responsible for Fanning Flames at Mizzou

    The first group Special Counsel Robert Mueller named in his indictment on Friday is the same group Lt. Col. Jared Prier, author of “Commanding the Trend: Social Media as Information Warfare,” identified as the...

    Female Kansas Regent Explains Arrest for Domestic Battery

    State and local media were abuzz this Saturday Morning with the news that Kansas Regent and Wyandotte County Commissioner Ann Brandau-Murguia, 50, had been arrested Friday night on a domestic battery charge and booked...

    Case of Alleged Emporia State Kissing Prof Taxes The System

    The story out of Emporia State University has already made it to the Kansas City Star and, given the national mood, may soon make it to the New York Times. Although not part of...

    Garden City Paper Refuses to Print Any of GOP Debate Rules It Bashes

    The writers at the Garden City Telegram are too deeply ensconced in their own heads to actually read the document they excoriate in a Valentine's Day editorial. The Telegram is outraged because several Kansas...

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