Monday, November 19, 2018

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    Still Another UMKC Prof Accused of Exploiting Foreign Students

    For the second time in three years, a seemingly successful, high profile UMKC professor hailing from Asia has been accused of abusing his students, this time to the point of "slave labor." Giving credit where...

    The So, So Hollow Decision of the Star’s “Catholic” Editor to Quit the Church

    How hollow was the decision of the Kansas City Star's self-anointed "Catholic" editor to quit the Catholic Church proudly and publicly? Let us count the ways. Melinda Henneberger nailed her thin gruel of a thesis...

    What is KC BizPAC and Why Did They Endorse So Many Dems?

    The Republican Party is alleged to be the party of big business but you would not know it from the lists of endorsements by KC BizPAC, the Political Action Committee of the Greater Kansas...
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    Shoot-Out At Overland Park’s Oak Park Mall: Updated

    Update: The Kansas City Star, to its credit, has reported the race of the perpetrator: "Lacy said police were looking for an African-American male driving a red pickup." **** Those suburbanites who were tsk-tsking last week...

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