For a mere $450, white people can have the privilege of experiencing four days of “personal attacks, derogatory language … harmful and vile threats.”

The 18th Annual White Privilege Conference is coming to Downtown Kansas City this week, and it is not too late to sign up to get your privilege checked. The conference runs Thursday through Sunday at the Marriott Hotel.

For a mere $450, white people can experience four days of what founder Eddie Moore has described as “personal attacks, derogatory language … harmful and vile threats.” White students can be attacked and insulted for half that rate, and better still group discounts are available.

According to the Kansas City Star, the conference does not allow any media coverage or interviews with participants. Those who feel the need to be insulted will not be able to experience it second hand. They will have to pay for the privilege.

Apparently, sessions are open to people of all races and genders but at day’s end, attendees are expected to retreat to their own race and gender subsets, there to “debrief.” How the conference treats the multiracial and the sexually “fluid” is not made clear on the registration form.

The stars of the event include author and educator Glenn Singleton, author Michael Eric Dyson, poet Ahmer Ahmed, community organizer Hsiao-wen Lo, activist Jacqueline Keeler, and the delightful performing duo, Josh Healey and Jasiri X.

Among the key presenters only Healy will likely identify as white. Here is what he has to say about his fellow Caucasians: “I know some good white folks too!” Thanks, Josh.

Says Healy of these few salvageable white folks, “I consider them the anti-Glenn Becks. The anti-Joe Liebermans. The anti-most-teachers-and-non-profit-workers who reproduce the same oppression they’re supposed to be fighting.”

For $450, says Marquita Brockman Taylor, one of the local organizers, “You can open up and tell the truth.” Uh, sorry Marquita, some of us aren’t sure we’re ready for that privilege.

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  1. Nice stock image googling. You went with the homeless guy instead of the hippy girl with the guitar you must have bookmarked. This site is the laziest propaganda possible. COULD YOU PLEASE START ADMITTING WHO IS WRITING THIS GARBAGE? Like y’know actual news sites.