Star editors ask why guns should be allowed in Kansas hospital on same day as armed robber injures two at gun-free Missouri children’s hospital.

The headline of a Tuesday editorial on the Kansas City Star home page reads, “Why do Kansas lawmakers think guns in hospital are a good idea?”

The Star editors have no idea why the state legislature has not exempted the University of Kansas Health System from a law that would allow concealed weapons in its facilities.

The editors’ alarm borders on the hysterical. “Already, executives are hearing from medical students who say they are hesitant to complete their residency in a place where guns are allowed,” they write. “Patients say they will go elsewhere for care. Other hospitals, once eager to transfer their charges to the many highly specialized programs in the KU Health System, are warning that such arrangements are likely to slow when guns are permitted.”

Above the editorial, however, is a news article that suggests why some might think it prudent for responsible citizens to be able to carry weapons. Its headline reads, “Armed robbery at children’s medical center in Kansas City injures two people.”

The robbery took place at St. Luke’s Crittenton Children’s Center in southern Kansas City. In Missouri, guns are not allowed on hospital grounds. Apparently, no one told the robber.


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